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Time for the promised TARDIS card tutorial! As an added bonus this tutorial shows you my method of making standard card blanks. This is the first tutorial I have made, so if you have any feedback do let me know so future tutorials might be improved... In order to avoid sounding like a broken record I'll let you know right here that you need to be quite precise here. It'll really show in the results. On with the tutorial - Allons-y! These are the tools used. With one exception - the glue…

Federica Damiani
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You’ve seen the Doctor Who Flight Control TARDIS Motion Activated Model, which is a very cool toy for any Whovian, but it lacks the POW! that would come from seeing the TARDIS actually float and spin in mid-air. The Doctor Who Levitating TARDIS fixes that problem… but it doesn’t fix the busted-up ch

Elaine Hughes