Dog Costumes

Dress up your furry friend in a creative and fun costume for any occasion. Find unique dog costumes that will make your pup the life of the party. Get inspired and start shopping now.

Bonnie: I purchased this costume from eBay for $10 and borrowed my boyfriend's family Angus herd for the photo.

Kiah Clemons
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Spooky season is upon us, and with it comes the tradition of dressing up our fur babies for an adorable photo! Check out these 21 doodle Halloween costumes.

Kim Dreher Middleton
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If you think that Halloween’s only for humans, you might just be mistaken. It looks like it’s not just us who sometimes enjoy dressing up as spooky and spoopy characters, going trick-or-treating, and impressing the neighbors with fabulous costumes. Some of our pets seem to love wearing their Halloween costumes, too, and their owners can’t help but share photos of them online!

Jamie Fortenbury