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Keep your furry friend comfortable and stylish with our range of dog pants. From waterproof options for rainy days to cozy fleece pants for winter, find the perfect fit for your pup and make walks more enjoyable.
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🐶🌹SOFT MATERIAL: These dog sanitary pants are made of cotton fabric, which is soft and comfortable, and the dog will not feel discomfort when wearing so that the dog can pass the menstrual period calmly. 🐶🌹FUNCTIONAL: Our dog diapers are specially designed for untrained puppies, female incontinent dogs of the season, and dogs that are excited about urination and menstrual periods. They can keep dogs clean, avoid bacterial infections, and prevent other pets from harassment. 🐶🌹ADJUSTABLE…

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You need a dog diaper If your dog is in heat or incontinent. But how do you know what type is best? Your dog wants them to be comfortable and fit well. You want them to keep things clean and hold up to your dog's use. These britches will help both you and your girl. These dog britches are made just for your dog. To complete your order, please provide your dog’s info. If they fit, she'll be more comfortable and you won't have to fight her to keep them on; win-win! Plus, they're reuseable so…

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(Image Link)It's a question nearly as age long as which came first the chicken or the egg or if a tree falls in the woods, and the debate still rages on- how would a dog wear pants? On all four of its legs and half its body or just on the back legs?This topic has been discussed online quite a bit, and the debate heated up again when writer Jared Keller posted this meme on Twitter:— Jared Keller (@jaredbkeller) December 29, 2015 When asked 81 percent of people…