Dog wheelchair

Give your furry friend the mobility they deserve with a high-quality and comfortable dog wheelchair. Find the perfect fit for your dog's size and needs and enjoy watching them explore the world again.
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Making a DIY dog wheelchair can be a compassionate way to improve the life of a furry friend with mobility issues. This guide outlines everything from understanding your dog's specific needs to gathering materials and following step-by-step instructions. Our aim is to provide a complete and accessible route for pet owners to craft a supportive wheelchair that restores a sense of freedom and joy in their dog's life. We meticulously detail each phase of the building process, ensuring you have…

Diane Kelly
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It’s finally here! The SitGo, Best Friend Mobility’s revolutionary pet wheelchair that allows our best buds not only to get up and go but also to sit and relax even in their wheels! Still made of the same durable, lightweight materials as our rear leg and quad support wheelchairs, the SitGo is the first of its kind to allow for voluntary sitting and lying down. And, because the rear can be lowered, getting your dog in the wheelchair—especially if he or she is big and heavy—becomes an easier…