Dogs and kids

Discover fun and safe activities that will keep both dogs and kids entertained. Create lasting memories and strengthen the bond between your furry friend and your little ones.
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If you've ever seen a boxer dog breed specimen, you know that they have two, very different sides. On one side there's this amazingly athletic, handsome and very bright dog, on the other - there's this constantly salivating, adorable goofball of a funny dog. And you know darn well, that all of the boxer dogs have both of their sides polished to perfection.

Kay Thomas
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Meet the labradoodle who acts like a human thanks to his incredible bond with his best friend, a seven-year-old boy who was adopted into the family at the same time. Reagan the dog was over the moon when his new family welcomed a foster baby Buddy, also 11-months-old, into their home. The pair grew up […]

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Depending on a dog's upbringing and genetics, they can make amazing companions for new families. Despite their sometimes fearsome appearance, larger or even giant dog breeds can make especially good family friends, loving and protecting your children as their own. And, as this list illustrates, they look absolutely adorable together!

Tanya Kelly