Doll eye volume lash extensions

Transform your lashes with doll eye volume lash extensions. Achieve a stunning and captivating gaze that will make heads turn. Book an appointment now and experience the magic of doll eye lashes.
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gemerry easy fan lash mapping

Gemerry Lashes is a professional manufacturer and vendor of eyelash extensions supplies. Gemerry top eyelash extensions include Classic lashes, Easy Fan lashes, Pre-made lashes, YY lashes, V-Shaped lash and lash glue as so on. Join our mailing list sign up for exclusive updates, new arrivals & insider-only discounts!

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Our Houston lashes are truly out of this world! This ultra-flared, fluffy lash creates a dramatic fan that’s perfect for a fierce cat-eye or a flirty finish to a bold look. Despite their volume, Houston feels lightweight and comfortable throughout their entire wear. It’s no wonder Houston is one of the most popular false lashes in our Premium Synthetic Collection! Volume: Maximum Length: 17mm Band: Full length Shape: Flare, most complementary to round, almond, and larger eye shapes Reusable…

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The perfect false lash for creating a flirty finish. Created to add a lightweight, fluttery style to your eye look, the NYC 3D Mink Lash is the embodiment of feminine glamour. With enviable length and an evenly distributed volume, the mink hairs achieve the illusion of a naturally fuller lash that will leave your friends in awe.

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