Dust collection system

Create a clean and healthy environment with an effective dust collection system. Discover top ideas to keep your space dust-free and improve air quality for a safer and more productive work area.
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I have been needing to install a decent dust collection system for some time now and finally got around to it. There are many different levels of dust collection but I have a medium sized shop and wanted to create a flexible and easy system to use and install. I opted to go with a Dust Right unit from Rockler because it is a great fit for my shop and they have tons of components to go with it.

Caleb Moore
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Space Saving Mobile Dust Collection Cart With Storage: Last year, I received a grant to get some woodworking tools to use in my junior high school engineering classes. The students were getting bored building with cardboard, so we decided to give them a chance to build things with wood. I knew there wou…

Dan Keefer
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When I began planning for my woodworking garage workshop I made sure to include space for a dust collector. Though I didn’t own one yet, I knew it was time to get serious about protecting my lungs. Now that I have a system in place for dust collection the garage workshop stays MUCH cleaner. I […]

Casey Pratt
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You've invested in high-efficiency equipment and tools for Your woodworking shop, but is your dust extraction system working at peak efficiency? Find out about the most common mistakes when designing dust extraction and collection system and how to avoid them.

Peter Finch