Ear cuff piercing

Enhance your style with trendy ear cuff piercing. Explore unique ideas to achieve a fashionable and edgy look that will make a statement.
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The cuff earrings designed to provide multiple piercing look. A real piercing simulation. The ear cuffs exposed here designed for upper cartilage. You can choose option for single ear cuff (criss cross "X" or double line "ll") or set of 2 cuffs earrings which include both ears cuffs. You can choose option for material the ears cuff are made of. Available materials are 14K Gold Filled and 925 Sterling Silver. All cuffs earring are 20 gauge - 0.8 mm thickness. There are options upgrading order…

Alfred Malagon
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• Set of three ear cuffs. • Available as a set in Polished 18k Plated Gold or Silver. • These cuff around the ear, so no needle piercing is necessary for these to be attached. • Can be stacked as a trio, duo, or worn as single cuffs. • Can be used on ear lobes, tragus etc. Just pull open gently and squeeze into place! • Open-back and adjustable, so one size fits all! • Check out our shop LUXEBIJOUX for more ear cuff designs! • Perfect gift for special occassions such as 18th Birthdays, 21st…

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Asymmetrical mismatched dainty pearl ear wrap cuff earrings, clustered vine pearl dangling ear wrap cuff, paired with a simple pearl stud. Exquisite stylish design, you can mix and match easily either on one ear, or on both ear at your personal preferences! Super unique and delicate, elevate your style effortlessly. 💎 Features: ♥ Material: Gold plated brass ♥ Main stone: Cultured pearls ♥ Asymmetrical ear wrap cuff ♥ Sold as 2 pieces: 1 ear wrap + 1 pearl stud 💎 Details: ♥ Approximate…

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Modern Minimalist Set of 3 - Ear Climber, Smooth Ear Sweeps, Double Ear Cuff, Earring Climbers 20mm, Criss Cross Ear Cuff, Crawlers, gold ear curve, curved ear pin, bar earrings, line earrings, dainty jewelry ***Very cool and stylish set*** Set of 3 consist of climbers (left or right or pair) + one "double" ear cuff + one "criss cross" ear cuff for upper cartilage. You should select an option which defines if you wish single climber or pair of climbers in the set. Ear cuffs does not require…

Mari Gelkhviidze