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This project was designed by another consultant. The client was not happy with the old design, ask me to develop without changing the layout as the construction finished until the 7th floor.

Iqlima Damia
Properties of climate specific architectual design:  Hot-arid: maximum themal mass walls, minimal windows with shading, light colored exterior finishes, evaporative cooling  Cold:  Compact form, interior thermal mass, dark exterior finishes, south facing windows with summer shades  Hot-humid: Maximize overhangs and shading, High ceilings, light materials and light exterior finishes, maximize openings for cross ventilation,   Temperate:  Medium exterior finishes, maximize shading to the west, rec Architecture Drawing, Interior Architecture, Eco House Design Architecture, Eco Friendly House Architecture, Building Materials Architecture, Sustainable Architecture Diagram, Environmental Architecture, Sustainable Building Materials, Sustainable House Design Eco Friendly

Discover the power of climate-specific architectural design for eco-friendly homes in diverse climates! 🌿 From hot-arid deserts to chilly winters, these homes optimize energy efficiency and sustainable living. Embrace renewable materials and smart design for a greener, healthier future. #EcoHomes #SustainableLiving #GreenBuilding #ClimateSpecificDesign"

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