Embroidery floss storage

Keep your embroidery floss tidy and easily accessible with these creative storage solutions. Find the perfect way to organize your threads and take your embroidery projects to the next level.
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I recently had a complete overhaul of my storage system for embroidery threads and, having tried lots of ways over the years, I think I've finally hit on the one that works best for me - hurrah!So I wanted to share my new system with you and also take a look at the other ways I have seen and/or tried to store embroidery thread.Finding the perfect thread storage system is very much a personal thing and depends on lot of factors like how much you want to spend, how much storage space you have…

Kellie Gonzales

On FlossyFox.com read about 8 fool-proof embroidery floss storage methods & which one will work best for you and your organizational style. These tried-and-true methods will help you wrangle your floss in a way that will save you time and frustration. If you're fed up with tangled floss, this post is for you. At FlossyFox, Embroidery Blog + Original Hoop Art, my mission is to educate, inspire, and share the wonderful world of embroidery with others. Read this post and more at FlossyFox.com.

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1. Because I have always done it this way. Not the most glamorous answer, but a truthful one. 2. They make it easy to take inventory of what floss I already have and what I am running low on. Keep in mind that I own a minimum of 1 floss skein of every single DMC color. And many of my most commonly used colors, I h

Lisa LaPointe
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Embroidery floss is one of those supplies that seems to sneak up on you. I did for me. I'd buy a couple of skeins for a project here, then a half-dozen for another project there. I'll tell myself that I'd wind them onto the little cardboard bobbins, and organize them into binders or boxes, but more

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