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Be prepared for any emergency with the best emergency radios on the market. Stay connected and informed with these top-rated radios designed to keep you safe and in the know.
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It was time… time to update my analog radio to a digital preparedness radio. What is a preparedness radio? A preparedness radio is a radio that gets the National Oceanic and Atmospheric (NOAA) stations also known as emergency weather stations. It also should have multiple power source options. Preparedness [...]

Harry Madsen

⚡ ESSENTIAL TOOL FOR EMERGENCY/OUTDOOR/WILD – Portable kits for Survival Camping Supplies Disaster Preparedness Family. The REINFORCED hand crank radio comes integrated with self powered generator, survival flashlights, NOAA/FM/AM radio access, 4 power sources, 2200mAh power bank, SOS alarm, music player to meet the survival supplies. ⚡ 2200mAh POWER BANK/SELF POWERED GENERATOR – Enhanced Anti-breakage Hand Crank Radio with portable charger capable of providing emergency power supplies to…

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As you’re probably aware, communications right before, during and after a disaster will be critical to getting out o dodge, finding family members, or helping others stay alive. With the Internet, cell-phone towers and potentially even satellites being down, you may have to rely on HAM radio and other two-way radio services to send and ... Read more

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