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Enhance your high school English classroom with creative bulletin board ideas. Engage your students and create an inspiring learning environment with these top ideas.
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There are three kinds of teacher-decorators: those who were born for Pinterest, those who can’t, and all the ones in between (such as the broke, the tired, and the I-have-no-time-to-decorate). However, making a classroom appeal to middle and high school students doesn’t HAVE to involve serious crafting or expensive, time-intensive projects. Check out these tips from me and Bonnie from Presto Plans as you prepare your classroom for the fall (or at any time of year that you want to give it a…

Looking for inspiration to decorate your high school classroom? Look no further! Tour my high school English flexible seating classroom with links to decor and setup items, and explanations for my creative process, teacher desks, and bulletin boards . Make decorating meaningful and functional! High School, Tours, Decoration, Classroom Décor, Bulletin Boards, Classroom Setup, Classroom Decor High School, Middle School Classroom, Teacher Desks

This is my 11th year teaching secondary English, and my 5th year in my second school district. I started from scratch when I moved to my current school, but I didn't really decorate during my first year (see picture below). It wasn't unit three summers ago that I did a big makeover thanks to the

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Bulletin board ideas for middle and high school ELA. Author social media profiles, quote hashtags, idiom and class rules posters, and more.

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Seven great reasons to have a writing contest bulletin board in your high school classroom. Always have something for students to work on in class. Primary School Education, Reading, High School, Middle School Ela, Bulletin Boards, High School Bulletin Boards, Writing Bulletin Boards, High School English Classroom Decor, High School Writing

1. Students have something to do in case they finish their work early. Students work at different paces. Often I have a few who finish with five, even ten minutes to spare. With the writing contest bulletin board you always have something extra and meaningful for them to work on. Teachers can post flyers for ...

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