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Discover the fascinating life and literary contributions of Ernest Hemingway. Dive into his iconic novels and short stories, and gain a deeper understanding of this legendary writer.
Jean Patchett and Ernest Hemingway, photo by Clifford Coffin at Finca Viglia, San Francisco de Paula, Cuba, American Vogue, Nov. 15, 1950 #hemingway Ernest Hemingway, Vintage Photos, Robert Capa, Carlo Ponti, Earnest Hemingway, Simone De Beauvoir, Hemmingway, Montgomery Clift, Old Photos

"...Hemingway's hostility towards Vogue cooled considerably after he met Patchett....She perches warily at the end of the couch under his predatory gaze. 'It was a sweaty situation', Babs Simpson (Vogue editor) recalls." - Kennedy Fraser in "On the Edge" In fact, the picture used is a miracle of photographic printing, being a seamless composite of two negatives, one where Patchett looks at her least stunned, and the other of Hemingway at his most attentive. - Robin Muir "Clifford Coffin"

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Ernest Hemingway’s World War II spying career was less than illustrious. In fact, when it came to one ill-fated Cuban operation, Papa was downright bumbling. Meet The Musalman, a handwritten Urdu daily that has been published continuously since 1927 in Chennai, India. “It hurts to be rejected, and it hurts even more when you walk […]


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