Essential oils for soap making

Enhance your soap making experience with the best essential oils. Find out how these oils can elevate the fragrance and benefits of your homemade soaps. Start creating beautiful and aromatic soaps today.
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As an essential oil lover, I like to create with essential oils. This DIY essential oil soap recipe is fun and super easy! In my home, I've been slowly replacing all toxic cleaners, soaps and chemical household products with natural alternatives. Hand washing is no exception! We use a combination of my foaming hand soap,

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Detailed information on using essential oils for soap making. Includes information on what essential oils are, the allergens they may contain, maximum usage rates, and how much essential oil to add to soap recipes.

Matthew Maloney
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As a recent follower and convert to “clean beauty”, I have done a lot of reading about ways to implement sustainable makeup and cleansing in one’s routine. I have always nursed a penchant for soaps…

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