Essie fairy tailor nail polish

Explore a range of beautiful shades of Essie Fairy Tailor nail polish. Add a touch of elegance to your nails with these stunning colors and create a magical look.
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Brand new from Essie for 2016 comes 2-Step Essie Gel Couture and we've got all 42 swatches and review of the entire launch lineup. There's a new brush, a new bottle, and a new formula. When you put all that together, it's the best thing to happen to polish in a long, long time.

Satin Coconut
Comparison Pale Pink Gel Coutures : Fairy Tailor, Lace Me Up, Wearing Hue, Matter of Fiction, Radiant Cut, Blush-Worthy & Inside Scoop | Essie Envy | Bloglovin’ Essie Lace Me Up, Essie Matter Of Fiction Gel, Inside Scoop Essie Gel, Fairy Tailor Essie Gel, Essie Tailor Made With Love, Essie Inside Scoop Gel, Essie Gel Couture Fairy Tailor, Essie Matter Of Fiction, Essie Fairy Tailor

Top row L-R: Fairy Tailor, Lace Me Up, Radiant Cut Bottom L-R: Wearing Hue?, Matter of Fiction, Inside Scoop I am such a SUCKER for pale pinks. They're my all-time favourite. If I was stranded on a d

Carrie Rynberk
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[Image: A high-quality image of a hand holding a bottle of Essie Gel Couture Fairy Tailor nail polish. The background is a light, neutral color to make the nail polish stand out. Overlaid on the image is the title and description in bold, black text.] Couture, Essie Fairy Tailor, Essie Gel Couture Colors, Nail Care Diy, Couture Nails, Essie Gel Couture, Gel Couture, Essie Gel, Best Nail Salon

Essie Gel Couture Fairy Tailor is the perfect shade for any occasion. Whether you're looking for a subtle touch of elegance or a bold pop of color, this nail polish has got you covered! Its long-lasting formula and glossy finish will keep your nails looking fabulous for days.