Ethical shopping

Make a positive impact with your shopping choices. Learn how to shop ethically and find inspiration for sustainable fashion, eco-friendly products, and fair trade goods.
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5 Ways to build a more ethical closet (no matter your budget) — Anuschka Rees

Here's a comment that comes up a lot when I talk about fair fashion here on the blog: "I would love to build a more ethical closet but I can't afford ethical brands!" And I can totally relate. In an ideal world, my closet would consist of nothing but Reformation dresses, Elizabeth

Victoria Beinnmer
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10 Affordable Ethical and Sustainable Clothing Brands

Starting a conscious closet can be overwhelming and I think price point tends to turn a lot of people away. There is a misconception that ethical fashion has to be more expensive. I don't think it HAS to be expensive. I think you have to know how to shop it. Here are a few brands and discount codes