Famous still life paintings

Discover a collection of famous still life paintings that will inspire your artistic endeavors. Immerse yourself in the beauty and complexity of these timeless works of art.
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The thing that strikes me most about this month's lovely painting from Cezanne is the tonal quality of all the colors. We've had inspiration paintings in the past with a full rainbow of colors represented. But this month, and in this painting, all of the colors are all the cool side. See how even red and yellow, the warmest colors on the color wheel, seem quieter, colder? So as you design this month, aim for those cooler shades. For warmer colors, like red, orange, and yellow, you want to…

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The classic still life is one of the few subjects you can paint that you have almost full control over. You are not vulnerable to changes in the environment or the subject just moving. As a result, still life subjects have allowed artists to really test what is possible in terms of brushwork, color and

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Those unfamiliar with art history may wonder, what makes a painting still life? Well, a still-life painting may feature a variety of items arranged in a specific (or disorganized) way. Sure, inanimate object layouts have been depicted by artists since the beginning of time. In fact, the interiors of ancient Egyptian tombs frequently featured still-life paintings! However, it wasn't until Dutch and Flemish artists captured elaborate arrangements of everyday household objects in the late 16th…

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#661 Hey everyone, welcome back! Thanks for joining in to show support, it’s always appreciated. Today we are going to look at a simple, yet well composed, still life painting by Paul Cezanne. It takes knowledge to organize a painting of multiple elements with visual clarity. Knowledge of what though? The rule of thirds? You […]

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