Felt puppets

Bring your imagination to life with these creative felt puppet ideas. Whether you're a kid or an adult, discover how to make your own felt puppets and put on a show that will entertain everyone.
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Let kids lead! Finger Puppets inspire the imagination of children, and are ideal for fine motor skills, communication, cognition, and social-emotional development. Easy to carry around and great for long journeys. OPTIONS: - Only 1 animal (pouch is not included) - 5 animals set (pouch is not included) - 10 animals set (small pouch is included as gift, please indicate the color) - 20 animals set (large pouch is included as gift, please indicate the color) - 30 animals set (large pouch is…

M Carr
we bloom here: Making Waldorf Inspired Glove-Puppets: a tutorial Felt Crafts, Doll Patterns, Peg Dolls, Felt Dolls, Hand Puppets, Puppets Diy, Glove Puppets, Puppet Crafts, Puppet Making

In creating my puppets, I had planned to refer to several books on my shelf; I own a small library of books on the topic of building puppets and also a couple of books on making Waldorf dolls, but none of my books offered much help when it came to creating a glove-puppet with a Waldorf style doll-head. When making a glove-puppet, it is usual to have space inside the head for the fingers of the puppeteer; however, on a traditional Waldorf doll-head, it would be very difficult to create a…

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