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Stylized Female Blockout v1, George Zaky

Stylized Female Anatomy Blockout I did as a study. Finding the balance between sharp edges and the overall form was really challenging but it was fun Once again, Heavily inspired by the style of Disney Infinity It's available on my store here on Artstation: https://artstn.co/m/6YlKl Feel free to use it as a reference or a base for your projects. Any feedback is more than welcome

mingsong JIA
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Shapes of the female torso | Art tools drawing, Body drawing tutorial, Sketch book

Aug 8, 2015 - Description Sup folks. this is a request from who asked me If I could help him with female anatomy well this the first step. I broke the torso down into simple shapes. You asks me why just the torso well, man and woman can have the same legs, feet, arms and hands whether they are super muscular or skinny. will scrap this soon *note I know I make mistakes with my anatomy alot but this is a simple request for a friend.

Marie Moormann
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About this item Unique modern bohemian home decoration. It is carefully designed by professional designers, and pays tribute to the beautiful female contour through the unique beautiful female undressing style. It exudes a simple, carefree style that will help transform any room in and around your home. With the best raw materials through high temperature fired from the female body art vase, tonal simple but elegant, beautiful appearance, exquisite details, high quality, good hardness, and…

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