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Discover ways to empower yourself and fight against the system. Take action and make a difference in your community. Join the movement and fight for justice.
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I'm prepping for a juicy, plus-sized revolution. A breastfed mobilization against the dominant Cheeto patriarch. I'm big mouthed and nasty. I'm shaking my hips and crafty. I've got endless maracas and psalms of my elders. The crones are powering me robotically/ erotically. We are desexing your smallness while we consecrate our darkness. My swarm, my

Clive Volta
Angela Davis waves to someone in the audience as she arrives the room in San Rafael, Calif. for another pre-trial hearing. At left is chief attorney, Howard Moore Jr of Atlanta. holding the door Miss Davis is Capt. Harvey Teague of the Marin County Sherriffs Department Angela Davis, San Rafael, USA Black Girls, Black Power, Idol, Black Girl Magic, Black History, Afro, Beautiful Black Women, Black Knowledge, Black Panthers Movement

On August 18, 1970, Angela Yvonne Davis’s name was added to the FBI’s Ten Most Wanted List for kidnapping, murder, and interstate flight. Davis was already a darling of the left for her membership in the Communist Party and outspoken support for the Black Panthers, which caused then-California governor Ronald Reagan to personally orchestrate the … Continue reading "Images of Angela Davis, From FBI Flyers to Radical Chic Art"