Fireplace dimensions

Discover the ideal fireplace dimensions for your space and create a cozy atmosphere. Get expert tips and tricks to find the perfect fit for your home.
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The never ending question - To mount a TV above a fireplace, or not? Coming from a design perspective, I say yes, yes, yes, do it! There are definitely challenges with mounting the TV above the fireplace but there are also solutions that can be implemented early on in the design phase that will as

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FIREPLACE DESIGN There is much more to designing a visually pleasing fireplace than meets the eyes. It is all about proportion and scale. When done well, fireplaces are tremendous, visual assets. They add presence and stature to a space. And of course the reverse is true when a fireplace is poorly

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Next week we have a big shoot happening, in our dining room, with 20+ people. We’re definitely nervous but so much progress is happening every day now, I really think we’re gonna make it! And perhaps the trickiest part of this entire renovation has been the fireplace. As a reminder, the above wall used to look […]

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