Flocked slim christmas tree decorated

Elevate your holiday decor with a stunning flocked slim Christmas tree. Discover top ideas for decorating your tree with style and elegance.
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It's that time of year!!! I LOVE seeing how everyone decorates their home for the holiday season and had to share my Christmas bedroom decor..

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The best tips and hacks on how to set up a flocked christmas tree to minimize flock shedding! Assemble your tree without all the mess!

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the invention of pencil trees as Christmas decor is one of the best ideas ever. Especially if you’re a Christmas decorating nut like me and one of your goals in life is to have a Christmas tree in every room of your house! :D Since we’ll have less rooms in our new home, I’m that much closer to reaching my goal! Ahh the silver lining of downsizing! Haha! I’ll definitely be touching on the pros and cons of downsizing in a future post, but let’s just stay focused on all things pencil trees…

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