Foliage wreath

Add a touch of nature to your home with a stunning foliage wreath. Explore our top ideas for creating unique and seasonal wreaths that will enhance the beauty of your space.
A wreath on your front door, made with fresh greenery is a heart warming sight. Perhaps you had to forage for the leaves, branches or berries yourself? Take time to be outside and enjoy all that grows throughout the start of winter. Source: Autumn Wreaths, Natal Natural, Foliage Wreath, Xmas Wreaths, Wreath Tutorial, Deco Floral, Christmas Wreaths Diy, Noel Christmas, Beautiful Wreath

Countdown to Christmas — beautiful foundations

Is the Christmas pudding already made? Have you started buying gifts? Are you already planning your Christmas menu and table? Or perhaps you’re the opposite and would rather all the Christmas music and tv ads would stop, declaring it’s still much too early to think about all of this ! Wh

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Foliage Wreath Tutorial — a quiet style

Yay, I'm back again with another floral tutorial in collaboration with lovely Caroline from Wild Rubus ! This is definitely my favourite blog column, and I am already looking forward to next months. If you missed it in October, each month Caroline and I will be collaborating on a floral based tutor

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Christmas Wreaths at The Rose Shed

I tried to hold off until December to share my Christmas wreaths with you, however I feel each year people are getting more and more festive earlier on! My workshop is already filled with the beautiful scent of spruce, although I can safely say I haven’t cracked open the mince pies… yet! I have had enquiries about wreath deliveries in Bristol so I wanted to share a couple beautiful, winter wreaths that will be available to buy online. You will also be able to collect from my

Marla Bender
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Favorite Wreaths For Fall — LIVEN DESIGN

Fall Decor. There are so many wreath options and styles to pick from, but I tend to love dried flower and foliage styles, wheatgrass styles, along with artificial options in all the shades of the season. Shop 12 of my favorites below #wreath #fall #autumn #eucalyptus #natural #dried #wheat #berry #o

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Christmas 2020 at Miss Bush bridal boutique in Ripley, Surrey - Miss Bush

Christmas has arrived at the chapel! Whilst so many things have been cancelled this year and we've not been able to host our usual calendar of events, one thing we've still been able to continue to do is keep our … Continue reading →

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