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Explore a variety of traditional folk costume ideas for cultural celebrations. Discover the beauty and diversity of different cultures with these stunning outfits.
FolkCostume&Embroidery: Charro Costume of Salamanca Province, Spain

Hello all. Today I am going to go further afield than I have before. Spain has some incredibly beautiful and complex costumes, but there seems to be limited literature on the subject. [If anyone can acquaint me with more sources, i would be very glad of the information]. Salamanca is a city and surrounding province in the northwest of Spain, historically part of Leon. Here is a schematic map showing the location of the province. There are a handful of different costumes worn in this…

Tere Blanco Macias
FolkCostume&Embroidery: The 6 types of Ukrainian Folk Costume History, Costumes, Outfits, Ukrainian Clothing, Ukrainian Dress, Slavic Clothing, Folk Clothing, Traditional Skirts, Traditional Dresses

Hello All, Today I will talk about the 6 general types of Ukrainian folk Costume. I have earlier referred to 5 types, but my more recent research has informed me that there are, in fact, 6. These costumes are distinguished by the type of women's lower body garment. The base, or foundation garment for all of these is the chemise, or sorochka. This was originally ankle length, and usually embroidered on the shoulder, upper sleeve, collar, cuffs, and often the hem. Traditionally, the sorochka…


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