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Explore the extensive collection of books and resources available at the Free Library. Immerse yourself in literary wonders and expand your knowledge with our diverse selection of titles.
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Show the joy of sharing books with your community by building your own Little Free Library. Our collection of 30 DIY little free library plans offers a range of styles to suit any personality and yard space. Engaging with neighbors and promoting literacy has never been easier or more rewarding. Craft a hub of knowledge and generosity that will leave a lasting legacy right outside your doorstep. Our step-by-step guide makes building a Little Free Library simple and fun. From selecting…

Rod King
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Is your home overflowing with books your kids have outgrown? Start a free children's library to share with neighbors! Make a library from a newspaper stand, bunny hutch, wash tub, dollhouse, old TVs and lots more. Check out these ideas to get you started.

Jade M
Karen Brunner. Hudson, WI. I am an academic librarian and grew up with a mom who would drop everything to take me to the library. Now my husband and I are doing our best to instill a love of books and libraries in our two young daughters. A big thank you to my dad for making me such a wonderful library! Outdoor, Little Free Library Plans, Little Free Libraries, Mini Library, Free Library, Little Library, Community Library, Community Gardening, Library Plan

How to Build a Little Free Library – Information and Ideas! How to Build a Little Free Library – Information and Ideas. Have you ever heard of Little Free Libraries? It’s an awesome way to share the love of learning and books. I really wanted to build one in front of the 1905 cottage. I...Read the Post

Kia Norris
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Using repurposed materials to build a Little Free Library book-sharing box is not only eco-friendly, but it can result in some pretty wild Little Free Library designs! When it comes down… Continue reading 10 Objects You Didn’t Know Could Be a Little Free Library


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