Free standing gas stoves

Discover the modern and efficient free standing gas stoves to add warmth and style to your home. Upgrade your heating system and create a cozy ambiance with our top ideas for free standing gas stoves.
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Both freestanding stoves and fireplace inserts will keep your home nice and warm, as well as help to lower your heating bills. Here are some of the differences that will help you decide whether a free-standing stove or insert is the best solution for your space.

Lopi Northfield Small Cast Iron Gas Stove with glass on the front and sides  3-Sided Fire    And then I saw the Lopi Northfield. It has fire on three sides. Wow! Beautiful!    I got all distracted finding stoves with three glass walls.

We want to have a fire in an antique mantel we bought. We have concluded that the mantel will go on the outside wall and the fireplace will vent through the wall. We gave up on the idea of it looki…

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