Freezer lasagna

Save time and enjoy a delicious meal with these freezer lasagna recipes. Prepare ahead and have a satisfying dinner ready in no time. Try these mouthwatering recipes today!
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Lasagna is such a traditional American meal, which is totally ironic because it’s Italian food after all. But it’s a staple around our house. Monkey Boy would stage a revolt if I ever took it off our menu. But it’s a pretty time consuming meal to make from scratch, so we don’t have it all Read More >>

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Make tonight Italian night with these amazing mini freezer healthy lasagnas. These individual Mini Freezer Healthy Lasagnas are family-friendly, satisfying, and perfect for portion control! These mini lasagnas are made with a flavorful meat sauce, a delicious cheese mixture, loads of sneaky veggies, and are super easy to make. Prepare ahead of time and store […]

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