French hydrangea

Enhance the beauty of your garden with these stunning French hydrangea varieties. Explore different colors and shapes to create a vibrant and enchanting outdoor space.
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Hugely popular - and deservedly so - Hydrangea macrophylla 'Nikko Blue' features large, rounded flower heads, up to 5 in. across (12 cm), densely packed with rich, deep blue florets. Blooming in early summer for up to 2 months, 'Nikko Blue' is very floriferous and produces new flower stems throughout the summer. The foliage is medium green with large, lustrous, serrated leaves. A classic name in mophead hydrangeas, it has become the standard against which other blue hydrangeas are measured.

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From planting to pruning and caring in between, here is the ultimate guide for your hydrangeas. Ladies across the South are gaga for hydrangeas. Men are tittering too. "How do I grow hydrangeas?" they implore. "May I cut my hydrangeas? Can I turn their blooms any color I want?" Relax, ladies and gents. Grumpy has come to the rescue.

Connie Johnson