Full grown bearded dragon

Learn how to properly care for a full grown bearded dragon with these helpful tips. Discover the best diet, habitat, and handling techniques to ensure the health and happiness of your pet reptile.
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20 Cute Facts About Bearded Dragons The bearded dragon’s scientific name is “Pogona Vitticeps,” but they are often affectionately referred to as ‘beardies’ by their owners. Bearded dragons are lizards belonging to the so-called Squamata

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Your bearded dragon would look totally awesome in this outfit! Red cowboy/girl hat and your choice of bandanna. Please choose bandanna fabric in drop-down menu. Priority shipping available. The hat secures with elastic, simply tie the bandanna on with the attached ribbon and you are ready to show off your dragon in his/her new Valentines costume. Take pictures and post online and don't forget to tag us @FreshwaterAquaticsNY, we love to see your dragons all dressed up! This outfit is sized…

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Femoral pores are easy to take care of, but can get out of control fast. Learn what to look for, what to do, and how to prevent problems in this guide.

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