Futuristic samurai

Explore the world of futuristic samurai and discover a new era of warriors. Immerse yourself in cutting-edge technology and ancient traditions, as you witness the fusion of past and future in the art of the samurai.
ArtStation - Daily Painting - Week 7, Jeff Chen Samurai Fantasy, Robot Samurai, Futuristic Samurai, Steampunk Armor, Samurai Concept, Ronin Samurai, Mode Cyberpunk, Arte Ninja, Samurai Artwork

I decided that this year I will paint at one personal painting a day. Here's week 6. Hope you guys like it! Follow my twitter and instagram to see these uploaded daily https://twitter.com/jeffchendesigns https://www.instagram.com/jeffchendesigns/ Or watch me paint these live most days at 8:30pm GMT on my Twitch stream! https://www.twitch.tv/jeffchendesigns

Moh Elsheikh