Gabriel metsu

Discover the remarkable paintings of Gabriel Metsu, a renowned Dutch painter from the 17th century. Immerse yourself in his exquisite works and experience the beauty of his artistry.
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The device of a single figure presented through an illusionistic stone window frame is one which Metsu has learned from his teacher, Gerrit Dou (compare, for example, CW 43, 404621; CW 44, 404803 and CW 45, 404618). In this case, however, the artist presents himself. He does so very explicitly as an intellectual painter in the mainstream Italianate tradition, rather than as a Dutch craftsman. He is richly dressed to suggest that painting is a Liberal Art, appropriate for gentlemen rather…

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Born in 1629 to a painter and a midwife, Metsu was recorded as a painter at the tender age of 14. The name of his teacher is unknown, but he probably studied for some time under the Utrecht painter Nicolaus Knupfer. In Leiden, Metsu painted mainly large-scale biblical scenes. In the middle of the 1650s, after his parents had died, Metsu moved to Amsterdam. This shift prompted him to change his specialisation and paint intimate scenes of daily life inspired by Gerrit Dou from Leiden and…