Garden City

Discover the enchanting beauty of garden city with these top garden ideas. Create your own oasis of tranquility and serenity in your backyard with these inspiring garden designs.
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Buxton Park Arboretum 5.4 acres (2.2 ha) is an arboretum and botanical garden located at the intersection of North Buxton Street and West Girard Avenue, Indianola, Iowa. It is open to the public without charge.The Arboretum was donated to the town in 1906 by William and Francis Buxton. It now contains formal botanical gardens with twelve flowerbeds, an arboretum, a fountain, and a gazebo.

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Some photos draw you in and don’t want to let you go, so you spend entire minutes (that feel like small eternities) sitting transfixed, with your eyes on the screen. That’s exactly the feeling we get when we look at the pics featured on this subreddit that’s entirely dedicated to showing off the beauty of infrastructure. After all, (and let’s be cheesy here for a moment) infrastructure doesn’t just connect us together physically—it also connects our hearts through the mutual adoration of…

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