Gems for protection

Discover the top gemstones that provide protection and bring positive energy into your life. Explore these powerful gemstones to enhance your well-being and create a sense of security.
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Using crystals for protection of one's physical body, mental health, and energy field has been a practice long held by many people. Not only are crystals beautiful to behold, they enhance the energies around and within us, making stones for protection powerful allies in our quest for good.

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Crystals for Protection. Protect your inner light energy from the shadow of Negative people & Environments. As a Reiki Master, I connect with crystals and tumblestones as part of my work each day. The six crystals I selected are Master Stones of Protection. Within the crystal guidebook, you will learn how to connect with these crystals, They're crystals of power, and amplify protection from psychic attack. They also shield your armour against the negative energy of others. Included in the…

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