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Discover the charm and elegance of German style with our top ideas for incorporating this timeless aesthetic into your home decor. Get inspired and create a space that exudes warmth and sophistication.
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Being from Texas, I know my way around makeup. It was once a printed statistic that our neighborhood Neiman Marcus sold more tubes of lipstick a year than anywhere else in the world. (Tales are also oversized in Texas, but by my family’s and friends’ known contributions alone, I can see it.) I think that’s... Read More

Joni Bowman
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Hello all, Today I am going to focus on the Miesbach costume. This costume has become a symbol of Bavaria, of Munich, and in fact, of Germany as a whole. It is actually from south central Upper Bavaria, the area known as the Tölz-Miesbach Upland, between the Inn River in the east, the Ammer River in the west, the Austrian border on the south, and the environs of Munich in the north, covering the Landskreise of Toelz, Miesbach, and the western half of Rosenheim. However, it is also strongly…

Jessica Walker