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Discover the latest lipstick shades that are perfect for girls. Elevate your beauty with these trendy colors and create a stunning look that will turn heads.
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About this item [STAY ALL DAY - BOLD AND LONG LASTING COLORS] Stay a bold lip with our Ink the Velvet Tint! Our tints use a breakthrough formula with high intensity color pigments that naturally stain your lips. The color goes on smooth and will last throughout the day. [VELVETY SMOOTH FORMULA] We use an adhesive formula with a double layer elastomer that fills in the fine curves of your lips so you can get that emollient and silky finish. [WEIGHTLESS AND FRESH FINISH] A lightweight layer of…

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I'm busy writing a magazine article about the best ways to care for skin during winter, and in the meantime, I've given my own skin care routine a nice seasonal boost. One step I've added is more regularly exfoliating my lips before bed and then applying balm, so that my lip color doesn't get caught in chappy patches during the day. And the best tool I've found for doing this isn't a fancy lip scrub (though those are always fun), a washcloth, or the oft-recommended baby toothbrush (misses…

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Lips have become the biggest thing in cosmetic enhancement: pun intended. We’ve evolved from “Oh no—don’t make my lips look too large” to “I want Kylie lips” today. The truth is that there are many different lip shapes and that the most flattering shape for you takes into account many different factors including the shape of your face, your other features and their size as well as the natural shape of your lip and whether any deflation of the lip has already occurred. We can all agree that a…

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