Give directions

Learn how to give clear and concise directions to help others navigate easily. Discover tips and techniques to confidently guide people to their destination.
THE ENGLISH CLASSROOM BY MªJOSE MUELA: GIVING DIRECTIONS (5TH PRIMARY) Maps And Directions, Education English, Esl Lesson Plans, Prepositions, English Classroom, Esl Lessons, Give Directions, Directions, Town Map

GIVING DIRECTIONS IS EASY!!! BUT YOU HAVE TO GIVE THE APPROPRIATE INFORMATION AND BE CLEAR!!! Have a look at this map and read the appropriate way to give directions. The Oral Exam is already here!!!! DIALOGUE 1 Excuse me, can you tell me the way to the café, please? Yes, of course. Go straight on and turn left at the car park. Go straight on and turn right at the museum. Go straight on the Second Avenue and turn left at the hotel. The cafe is next to the cinema, opposite the hotel. Thank…

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