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Discover how to effectively manage your schedule with Google Calendar. Learn useful tips and tricks to stay organized and never miss an important event again.
How to Make the Most Out of Your Google Calendar | Wendaful Planning Getting Organised, Planner Organisation, Motivation, Organisation, Life Planner, To Do Calendar, Calendar Organization, Planner Setup, Planner Organization

Today, we are going to learn how to bring tasks, events, projects all into one place -- our Google Calendar. You will learn how to prioritize, see how much time you have available, prevent overwhelm, and make time for what's important to you, all using Google Calendar!

Lorraine Petrie
Organisation, Getting Organised, Motivation, Getting Organized, Online Planner, Life Organization, Productivity, Calendar Management, Work Calendar

I’m a firm believer that we all need four core systems to organize all apects of our life: A Project Management System (I use Microsoft To-Do), a Research Management System (I use Google Docs), an Execution Management System (I use The Daily Page) and last — a Schedule Management System. And for that, I have […]

Natalia Aragon Herrero
How I Learned to Stop Procrastinating | Google Calendar Motivation, Planner Organisation, Organisation, Productivity, Life Organization, Personal Planner, Today Calendar, Calendar Organization, Google Calendar

After two and a half years as a college student, I think I finally figured out how to stay on top of all of my assignments and avoid the procrastination train. Freshman and sophomore year I was pretty bad about leaving things until the last minute. I mean it wouldn’t […]

O Malik