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Capture the essence of your love with captivating gothic engagement photos. Explore unique ideas to create a romantic and mysterious atmosphere for your engagement shoot.
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After their wedding Emma & Owen decided they wanted to do a shoot that really showed off their personalities and personal style. They hadn't had any portraits taken at their wedding eight years ago, and so they contacted photographer Jess Petrie to ask if she'd like to shoot them. Owen told us all about their relationship and why they wanted to do this shoot. "I met Emma when I was fifteen and we’ve been together ever since. It really was love at first sight – that’s probably the only way it…

Taru Kavonius
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Hello, lovers of all things mysterious and enchanting! Get comfortable, perhaps with a cup of tea, as we embark on a tale of love that defies the ordinary. Our journey takes us deep into the mystical faerie woodlands of North Yorkshire, where mossy carpets, Morticia and Gomez vibes, and a generous

Nicole Campbell
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Philadelphia cemetery engagement shoot with cats, smoke bombs and a cemetery by Philly wedding photographer, Black, White and Raw Photography

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Close up photo of two peoples face close in proximity. In the forefront there is a candelabra creating a soft warm glow and in the background slightly out of focus is the couple stopping just shy of a kiss. Victorian Wedding Pictures, Gothic Engagement Dress, Gothic Romance Photoshoot, Gloomy Couple Photoshoot, Vampire Engagement Photos, Dark Academia Wedding Photography, Witchy Wedding Photos, Dark Romance Photoshoot, Victorian Romance Aesthetic

If you're a fan of dark, mysterious, and passionate love stories, this is the perfect guide for you. We'll explore the most sought-after themes, settings, and poses that will help you create stunning and evocative engagement photos that capture the essence of a gothic Victorian romance. 1. Setting the Stage: Choosing the Perfect Location To create a truly immersive experience, selecting the right location is crucial. Consider picturesque and atmospheric settings such as abandoned mansions…

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