Guacamole ingredients

Discover the essential ingredients for making a delicious guacamole dip. Learn how to create the perfect blend of flavors and textures to elevate your snacking experience.
Inspired by my restaurant days, this easy Fresh Guacamole recipe combines not 1 but 2 ripe avocados with jalapeños, red onion, fresh lime juice, and lots of cilantro. Smashed together in a zip-top bag (or molcajete!) with my secret ingredient –Tajín! – the result is a chunky-creamy guacamole dip with bright, tangy, and spicy flavor. Ready in 15 minutes or less and with all the citrus, this homemade guacamole never browns! #guacamole #guacamolerecipe #guacamoledip #avocadorecipes #mexicanfood Guacamole, Guacamole Dip, Spicy Guacamole, Homemade Guacamole, Mexican Guacamole, Guacamole Recipe Easy, Best Guacamole Recipe, Guacamole Recipe, Fresh Guacamole

The summer before my senior year of college, I worked at a trendy Latin fusion tapas restaurant. Our claim to fame was tableside guacamole, so I spent some of the hottest nights of the year schlepping a heavy cart around the dining room making fresh guacamole from scratch. It was the worst job I ever had...but I did learn how to make a damn good guac. It all starts with one crucial step: smashing fresh aromatics like red onion, jalapeno, and garlic to release all of their flavor. At the…

Lana Smith