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Get ready to headbang with the best hair metal bands from the 80s. Discover iconic songs, wild hairstyles, and electrifying performances that defined the era.
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The hair, or glam, metal bands of the 1980s remain one of the true guilty pleasures in music history. The hair spray, makeup, and catchy pop tunes touched up with distortion were made for MTV. Though there really wasn't much substance to the music, the scene was popular to the mainstream. We've decided to rank our 20 hair metal bands of all time. But before we go on, bands like Def Leppard, Kiss, Scorpions, Whitesnake, Extreme, and Tesla are not on this list. While, yes, some of these groups…

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Hair Metal Fashion 101: Bandanna Image Credit: Photo: Tony Mottram/Retna Hair Metal Fashion 101: Boots Image Credit: Photo: Aceves/Retna Hair Metal Fashion 101: Gloves Image Credit: Photo: Marano/Retna Hair Metal Fashion 101: Leather Pants Image Credit: Photo: Ira Rosenson Hair Metal Fashion 101: Spandex Image Credit: Photo: Jodi Summers Dorland / Retna Hair Metal Fashion […]

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