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Enhance your designs with creative halftone graphics. Discover top ideas to incorporate halftone patterns and textures for a unique and eye-catching visual effect.
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The Swiss Style has taken over the design world, creeping into our daily lives without warning. Some people actually call it International Style, and once you find out where the Swiss Style comes from, the alternate name makes complete sense.…

Emily Brown
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The trends for vintage always migrate from the past like boomerangs, reinventing a myriad of well-known but abandoned techniques. Even the present-day high-quality laser printing cannot quench the retro passion: cozy inky letterpress posters, newspapers, and pamphlets owe it to halftone dots! Having an optical illusion put to the basis of this visual effect, fair […]

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Also available for Photoshop. See our shop link for details. WHETHER YOU’RE LOOKING TO PROCESS HALFTONE IMAGES WITH LIGHTNING SPEED OR RE-CREATE THAT 90’S COPY-SHOP VIBE FROM THE COMFORT OF YOUR STUDIO, THEN CONSIDER HALFTONE ZINE MACHINE YOUR OWN PRIVATE KINKO’S. Just paste your image into the processing template and choose from 15 custom halftone patterns […]