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Halo 5 in 6 days, Pavel Kondratenko

Fun art of a character from the Halo 5 game. The model making took me 6 days. Nowadays, it’s the shortest time I spent to make a model of such quality. Unfortunately, I don’t have this game, so I used pictures and videos from the Internet as references, which were few at the time of creating. As a result, I had to model the back using screenshots from the trailer and my own imagination. In just about 2 weeks after I had finished modelling, the Kyle Hefley published here the official pictures…

TheStoneoffreedom .
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HALO INFINITE: Green and Blue, Vin Gattuso

This project was an exercise in blending together normal data to see if I could effectively create new normal detail on objects. I transferred the visor lines from Halo Infinite's Chonmage helmet onto Halo 5's Pilot helmet, and when that worked effectively, I decided to also transfer Halo 5 Chief's visor cracks onto the Mark IV model. The pilot helmet was almost completely overhauled using Blender's shader system, to match its textures with the Mark IV base. This scene involved my standard…

Zachary Lane