Hand carved stamps

Explore a collection of unique hand carved stamps for your DIY crafts and art projects. Add a personal touch to your creations and unleash your creativity with these one-of-a-kind stamps.
Remember: your stamp will always be the inverse of what you carve! #JANhandcarvedstamp Crafts, Bird, Bird Stamp, Hand Carved Stamps, Hand Carved Rubber, Rubber Stamps, Stamp Carving, Hand Carved, Woodcut

I adore carving stamps. Seriously, it's so relaxing and it really zones me out in the best way possible. So when I was coveting a very popular bird stamp I decided to make one instead. Of course it's completely different in look and feel from the purchased kind with their smooth, thin lines; but I love the rough, hand-of-the-artist look of them. As I am prone to do, I made a second stamp to 'color' my birds. This is a tremendous time saver and I always feel so clever when I make a stamp to…

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Original design by me, hand carved rubber stamp , Snail stamp , size:10*7cm Mounted on wood - Stamps are made to order - Care: please wipe ink off with baby wipes after each use before Timbro intagliato a mano per creare un motivo unico su qualsiasi superficie, perfetto per tessuto , quaderni, cartoline, biglietti di ringrazamento, buste, lettere e tutto il resto. Ottimo come regalo per artigiani. I timbri sono attaccati su di un supporto di legno. Misura : 10*7 cm Alter misure possono…