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Welcome the New Year 2014 with open arms and a positive mindset. Discover ways to celebrate and make the most out of this fresh start for a happy and successful year ahead.
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Happy New Year!! We are at the end of another really interesting year. What have you learned that you want to take with you in 2014? What is that you want to leave behind in 2013? How do you move forward into 2014 with power, enthusiasim and ultimatley succes? Join me as we talk with Dr. Shaurice Mullins, Holistic Life Coach, Motivational Speaker, and Author of "The Processed Woman - Your Purpose Is On The Other Side". Let's have that "girfriend talk" about starting off the New Year with…

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Before I had children time used to go really slowly, I would be counting down the days of the week till the weekend came, weeks would pass agonisingly slowly as I would tick them off till the next school holiday and months seemed like years. When I went on a diet they would only last a few days because I just could not foresee keeping it up for a month let along any longer. When I was pregnant with Boris it seemed like I was pregnant forever. Time had little meaning, I barely noticed the…