Harry potter aesthetic bedroom

Transform your bedroom into a magical space with these Harry Potter aesthetic ideas. Create a cozy and enchanting atmosphere that will transport you to the world of Hogwarts.
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Draco x Reader Y/n Amaryllis, a young witch from a pure blood family. Your father is a Gryffindor, your mother is a Ravenclaw, her Grandpa is a Slythern, and her Grandma is a HufflePuff. Your parents are great friends with the Malfoys, which is how you found your only friend, Draco Malfoy. Draco is a tiiiinnnyyyy bit possessive with his only friend. What obstacles will await these two friends as they enter the grounds of Hogwarts. But one of many questions remain; will they stay as friends…

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These Giant Harry Potter Hogwarts Castle Kids Beds Bring the Wizarding World To Your Bedroom! – Inspiring Designs Harry Potter Bedroom Decor, Deco Harry Potter, Harry Potter Items, Cute Bedroom Decor, Harry Potter Hogwarts, Cool Bedroom Ideas, Harry Potter Inspired Bedroom, Harry Potter Kids Room, Harry Potter Bedding

Remember the awe you felt when Harry first set eyes on the majestic Hogwarts castle? Those turrets, the towers, the mystique! What if I told you, your little one can now drift into dreamland with that very enchantment every night? No, we haven't mastered the 'Apparate' spell (yet), but we're bringing Hogwarts right into the ...

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Here’s how we made our Hogwarts inspired ceiling for Halloween! ⚡️🕯️☁️What you’ll need: -cheap white sheet (Walmart)-spray adhesive (I recommend gorilla glue) -strip of LED colored lights (amazon)-2 bags of poly fill (amazon)-floating candles (amazon)And a fair warning, if putting nails into your ceiling isn’t your vibe, I’ve seen this done with command strips and poster board. However, in my experience command strips rarely come off without chipping your paint. Cut up your sheet into two piece Harry Potter Themed Room Bedroom Ideas, Harry Potter Kitchen Decor, Harry Potter Room Ideas Diy, Harry Potter Aesthetic Room Decor, Harry Potter Nursery, Theme Harry Potter, Harry Potter Ceiling, Harry Potter Kids Room, Hogwarts Room Decor

336K views, 3.3K likes, 364 comments, 4.3K shares, Facebook Reels from Fear Essentials: Here’s how we made our Hogwarts inspired ceiling for Halloween! ⚡️🕯️☁️What you’ll need: -cheap white sheet...