Headband storage

Keep your headbands organized and accessible with these creative storage ideas. Find the perfect solution to showcase your headbands and add a touch of style to your space.
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Keeping your headbands organized may appear insignificant. It can have an impact, on maintaining a tidy space and ensuring easy access to your accessories. Given the multitude of styles, colors and sizes finding a storage solution, for all your headbands can be quite challenging. Fortunately there are methods to organize headbands effectively while also adding

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HELLO! I've been noticing since we moved that I have been wearing the same super-boring hairstyle almost everyday. I tried to switch it up (which is why I started even planning my hairstyles in advance) but I just always resorted to the same down-and-straight go to. I started thinking and realized that, even though I do have a lot of hair accessories (headbands, bows, ribbons) they never get used because, HELLO!, they were being stored like this... NO WONDER! that is NOT a very good system…

Andee Elkins