Healthy ham

Discover a variety of delicious and healthy ham recipes that are perfect for any occasion. From savory sandwiches to flavorful main dishes, explore these ideas to add a nutritious twist to your meals.
If you'd like to make a nice ham for the holidays, you will want to try this brown sugar & spice glazed ham because it's not only low carb, it's sugar free! #Easterdinner #Easter #glazedham #sugarfreerecipes #lowcarbrecipes #Ketorecipes #brownsugarglaze #hamglaze #Orangespice Bacon, Low Carb Recipes, Recipes, Ham Glaze Recipe, Ham Glaze, Leftover Ham, Roasted Ham, Glaze Recipe, Leftover Ham Recipes

If you'd like to make a nice sugar free keto glazed ham for the holidays, try this keto glazed ham recipe. The glaze is a nice mixture of brown sugar, orange flavoring and spices which taste wonderful with ham. The whole batch of glaze has only 6 calories and 0.9g net carbs!

Martha Parker-mcneal