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Meet the Mint Family (+ Mint Sun Tea Recipe!)

The aromatic nature of the mint family (Lamiaceae) come from their high levels of volatile oils, which also account for many of their medicinal properties.

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Hepatica – Health Benefits and Side Effects

Botanical Name: Anemone hepatica, Hepatica nobilis. Other Common Names: Kidneywort, liverwort, liverleaf, liverflower, American liverwort, roundlobe hepatica, Leberblümchen (German), hepática (Spanish), skógarblámi (Icelandic), hépatique à trois lobes (French), blåsippa (Swedish). Habitat: The plant is found mainly in Europe. Other species of hepatica can be found in East Asia and North America. Description: Hepatica is a perennial plant of the Ranunculaceae ( or crowfoot family). The green leaves have three thick and hairless lobes. The leaves stay green through winter. The plant blooms in winter or early spring and the flowers can be blue, purple or white. The leaves and flowers

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Growing Medicinal Herbs and Plants at Home

It is easy to grow and benefit from a medicinal herb garden. Here are the herbs you need and how to use them!

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Andrographis Paniculata - Uses, Benefits and Side Effects

Side effects, dosage, and benefits of the medicinal herb Andrographis paniculata and its historical, common and traditional uses as tea or extract

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Coriander – Health Benefits and Side Effects

Botanical Name: Coriandrum sativum. Other Common Names: Cilantro, culantrillo, dhania, Chinese parsley. The seeds are usually known as coriander while the leaves are called cilantro. Habitat: Coriander is indigenous to the Mediterranean countries and today most of the commercial supply of the herb comes from Morocco, Romania, and Egypt. Plant Description: Coriander is aromatic annual plant of the parsley family (Apiaceae). It has slender stems with two types of lobed leaves and can grow up 90 cm or 3 feet tall. The leaves at the base are broad and resemble Italian parsley while the leaves on the stems are slender

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Foraging Yarrow: Identification, Look-alikes, and Uses

Yarrow is one of the most beneficial wild plants that there is. Foraging yarrow is easy, you might even have some in your own backyard!

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Chickweed: The Celestial, Alterative Herb

The main indications for Chickweed are skin eruptions and inflammation, toxicity and liver issues, stagnant lymph, cysts and fatty tumors.

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15 Powerful Medicinal Herbs You Should Grow

In addition to adding flavor to food, many medicinal herbs are high in antioxidant, anti-inflammatory, and antiseptic properties.

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Herbs That Grow Together In a Pot

When it comes to having a herb garden, there's really nothing more satisfying than picking your very own fresh herbs for that night's dish! These herbs that grow together can be planted in just one pot or directly in your herb garden outdoors for a full, healthy harvest in no time! These herbs not only enjoy each other's company, but also feed off of each other by exchanging important nutrients and therefore, making sure your harvest is plentiful! Herbs that grow together stay together! Herbs That Grow Together A rule of thumb when planting any herb or vegetable together, is

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