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Thick Strokes of Paint Create Featureless Portraits in Abstracted Paintings by Joseph Lee | Colossal Abstract Portrait, Abstract Artists, Abstract Artwork, Abstract Wallpaper, Oil Portrait, Artistic Wallpaper, Woman Portrait, Black Abstract, Abstract Acrylic

Los Angeles-based artist and actor Joseph Lee paints thickly layered portraits that mask the details and expressions of his subjects’ faces. His abstracted profiles sometimes reveal a subtle hint of an eye, nose, or ear between multi-colored brushstrokes, and are set against matte backgrounds to make each painting pop. Although the facial expressions are often hidden, the self-taught artist intends to bring emotions to each face through the turn of the head or the line of a jaw. More

Hidden Worlds. A Glimpse of Fairyland Animals in Drawings. By Lucie Ondruskova. Pencil Art Drawings, Cool Art Drawings, Art Drawings Sketches, Charcoal Drawings, Fantasy Drawings, Beautiful Drawings, Art Du Croquis, Desenho Tattoo, Drawing Inspiration

Lovely little creatures, each one of which, could be the star of its own story. Czech Graphic Designer Lucie Ondruskova, aka LucieOn, has a love for traditional art + the worlds of fantasy and surrealism. You can see form the following drawings, how her mind and art, feel very much at home in these worlds. They are populated with all manner of fantastical creatures like: dragons, unicorns and conventional animals in very unconventional situations. There is a lot I like about these drawings…

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Multi-Dimensional Illustrations Weave Together Mysterious Narratives by Victo Ngai Art And Illustration, Illustrations And Posters, Editorial Illustration, Botanical Illustration, Art Asiatique, Colossal Art, Wow Art, Little Birds, Ipad Skin

Los Angeles-based illustrator and storyboard artist Victo Ngai produces layered illustrations that reveal elaborate worlds filled with unexpected details. A beautiful expanse of unencumbered nature stands guarded inside a wide-mouthed bullfrog, while a seaside city burns with brilliant flames in the fabric of a heroine’s dress. Each scene inspires the viewer to pause, making sure they haven’t missed a key character that might unlock the work’s tangled narrative. Ngai is a graduate of the…

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