High school social studies

Explore interactive and thought-provoking high school social studies ideas that will captivate students and foster a deeper understanding of our world. Enhance classroom learning with these engaging activities.
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The first week of school, before you even begin to teach history, is more important than most teachers realize. It can make or break your year. Unfortunately, it is the week most beginning teachers have

Anya Davis
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Teaching social studies is more of a challenge than ever before. Here are 5 key trends for 2023 to help your teaching be less stressful and more impactful for your students.

Aimee La Dow
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Hey thanks for stopping by! It’s so great to meet you! I'm Mister Harms and I teach junior high and high school social studies in a small-town school. During the summer months, when I'm not teaching, I enjoy helping lead a youth camp that focuses on life transformation. My family

Tatiana Jenson
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I've read about choice menus forever, but never tried it until just recently. I decided to created a menu to use during social studies review when students finish with stations early or we have a few extra minutes in class. I introduced the menu a week ago and you would've thought I'd given my students gold! They were thrilled!! I asked if they'd seen a menu before and we talked about a fast food restaurant menu. Then I asked what they would buy if I told them they had $5 to spend at the…

Natalie Bouvier